What are the advantages of labor gloves besides the low price?

We can often see that in construction, agriculture, forestry, fishery, animal husbandry, and other workplaces, many workers wear protective gloves. Whether it’s handling, welding, installation, or other work, they must wear a pair of leather or latex, canvas, or composite gloves on their hands. So in addition to the low price, what are the advantages of labor gloves?

Yes, labor gloves have been loved by most working people since their birth. The intuitive manifestation of their popularity is that in addition to the low price of labor gloves, people prepare several pairs of labor gloves at home every day. For example, white cotton gloves are the kind of gloves that pretty much all seniors must store at home! Here’s the problem. Whether at home or during construction, why do people like to wear protective gloves? Some netizen said frankly, who wears these protective gloves? Is it because the price of protective gloves is low that so many people wear these gloves? They don’t look impressive except for the low price of labor gloves. In fact, in addition to the low price of labor protection gloves, it also has a high protective function! From a professional point of view, the reason why labor protection gloves are popular in all works of life and has been needed in China for a long time, in addition to the low price, it has the following unique advantages:

Labor gloves are mostly consumables, and labor gloves are low-cost and have obvious protective effects. For example, the nitrile gloves are exclusively sold abroad and are made of butadiene and triene nitrile by emulsion polymerization. Their uses and locations are very broad. Can be used in the food industry, electronics factory, chemical factory, and clean home hygiene.

Most labor insurance gloves can better fit the hand shape and meet the requirements of the fine operation. For example, this latex glove is commonly used on construction sites, gas stations, and factories. It has a cotton yarn texture and a latex coating that provides good slip resistance, abrasion resistance, and breathability and is designed to fit the shape of the hand for workers to perform delicate work.

Although many labor protection gloves seem to be medium-thick and just right, they all have functions, which not only do not affect the flexibility of operation but also greatly improve the degree of daily protection. For example, these plastic-impregnated industrial gloves look light and thin, but in reality, they are acid-, oil-, slip-resistant and durable.

In short, labor gloves are low-cost and low-cost, and in addition to their many benefits, they play an indelible role in many different industries and lives. The factory regards labor protection gloves as the basic reserve of daily labor protection supplies, and it seems normal that people regard labor protection gloves as the reserve of daily household labor protection supplies.


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