Proper cleaning of labor gloves can effectively prolong the service life

Disposable labor insurance gloves must be disposed of after use, while some other labor protective gloves need to be used multiple times, such as labor protective cotton gloves, labor insurance cutting gloves, labor insurance leather gloves, and so on. After these types of gloves are purchased and worn by employees, they need to be cleaned regularly, which can improve the life of the gloves. The following is the correct method of cleaning gloves for everyone.

Pure cotton labor protection gloves sometimes shrink during the cleaning process. Therefore, when you purchase a new batch of pure cotton gloves, use warm water at 40°C to 50°C during the cleaning process, and soak the gloves in warm water. Then take it to a cool and ventilated place and blow it until it is 90% dry, and then iron it with an iron. If the gloves you purchased can withstand a high temperature of 200°C during the ironing process, you can use this temperature for ironing, which can make the gloves more beautiful and more comfortable to wear.

Sometimes during the cleaning process of labor insurance gloves, the gloves will fade, which is mostly caused by the use of cleaning agents with strong corrosive ability. It is recommended to add some salt to the warm water when cleaning and use a non-corrosive cleaning agent. This will prevent fading and keep the color of the glove longer.

A small amount of alum can also be added to good gloves when cleaning, which can keep the gloves clean and improve their durability.

When workers in different industries use labor insurance gloves to work, the objects that the gloves touch are different. For example, some welders often contact with rusty objects, and there will be a lot of rust in the gloves, making the gloves very dirty. When cleaning such gloves, do not scrub hard at the beginning. The correct way is to soak the gloves in warm water, soak the dirty things out, and gently rub the gloves so that the gloves can be cleaned.


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