Types and characteristics of safety working gloves

Labor gloves are a tool used to protect hands in our daily work. There are many types of safety working gloves. Different types of labor gloves have special protective functions, which are not found in ordinary gloves. Various labor gloves have different functions, so they are used in different places. We should choose suitable gloves according to different working environments.

How much is the price of labor gloves? There are many kinds of labor gloves, such as anti-cut gloves, insulating gloves, oil and acid-resistant gloves, anti-static gloves, yarn gloves, canvas gloves, welding gloves, nylon knitted gloves, steelmaking gloves, cowhide gloves, etc. Introduce the functions and characteristics of cut-resistant gloves, live work gloves, and oil-resistant gloves.

Cut Resistant Gloves:

Cut-resistant gloves are gloves made of steel wire, nylon, and other materials. They are highly cut and slip-resistant and can hold the blade without being cut. Excellent anti-abrasion, anti-cut and anti-poke protection, comfortable to wear, and easy to clean. Cut-resistant gloves not only have the above functions but also have a much longer lifespan than ordinary gloves. Perfect protection can only be achieved by choosing standard cut-resistant gloves.

Insulating gloves for live work:

Insulating gloves can insulate human hands from charged bodies and prevent people’s hands from being electrocuted by contacting charged bodies with the same potential or contacting charged bodies with the same potential or simultaneously contacting charged bodies with different potentials.

The rubber gloves are made of rubber, comfortable to wear, and durable. It is suitable for wearing when working with live power and electrical equipment, to prevent hands from directly touching live objects, avoid electric shock, and play a role in hand insulation protection.

Oil Resistant Gloves:

Oil-resistant gloves are also commonly known as blue oil-resistant gloves in the market. They are dipped in blue matte plastic gloves. For oily or slightly corrosive substances, it is suitable for work with extremely high tactile requirements. They are made of patented materials, resistant to acids, vegetable oils, animal oils, abrasion-resistant surfaces, and no allergenic substances inside. Gloves are extremely soft, highly comfortable to wear, and the rough surface of the fingertips enhances mobility, improves grip, comfort, and hygiene, and is an indispensable glove for tactile sensitivity and comfort.

Choosing the right protective gloves is very important. We must choose according to our different working environments. Different gloves have different protective effects. Unnecessary dangers can only be avoided by choosing the right work gloves according to the special circumstances that will be encountered in the working environment.


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