Blue Vinyl Glove

Vinyl glove. Beaded cuff. Ambidextrous. 9 inches.

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9 inches


S, M, L, XL


100 pcs per inner box, 10 boxes per carton; Or customized


Clear, Black, Blue, Yellow available


4.0g, 4.5g, 5.0g, 5.5g available

Product Details

Vinyl glove. Beaded cuff. Ambidextrous. 9 inches.


• Powder-free and powdered are both available.
• Colors options: clear, black, blue, etc.
• Weight available: 4.0g, 4.5g, 5.0g, 5.5g


Standard Packing
100pcs/box, 10boxes/ctn.
Or as per the client’s request.


• Ambidextrous fit for both hands.
• Wearing comfortably, especially suitable for fell fine works with fingertips.
• PVC material for oil, lotion, etc.
• Strength quality for cuff area.


• Hygiene inspection
• Food industry
• Chemical industry
• Electron industry
• Pharmacy & Nursing
• Paint and Coating Industry
• Printing and Dyeing Industry
• Agriculture
• Forestry
• Animal Husbandry


Use Instructions & Warnings:
• It may cause itching, rash, etc because of different habits.
• Keep away from fire, and boiling water that is over 60ºC.
• Avoid using a long time in a high concentration of drugs and solvents (Gasorinn, bennjinn). Gloves may inflation, osmosis, and hardening.
• Gloves may break or have holes when it contacts sharp instruments such as cutting tools.
• To prevent leakage, don’t store the gloves in direct sunlight and high temperature, and highly humid places.
• Don’t use repeat for sanitation.
• Wash away promptly if in contact with vegetable oil or other oil. next time.


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